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Welcome to the JoyZone!!! 

JoyZone PPE LLC is a specialized, convenient and reliable Personal Protective Equipment Distributor that services and sells to all healthcare sectors including, but not limited to governments, large corporations, small and medium sized businesses, the home healthcare market, hospitals, long-term care facilities and the alternative care sector.

We are experts in the field of PPE distribution.  By having strong direct alliances and committed partnerships with many factories, manufacturing facilities and other major distributors around the world, we ensure to provide the most accessible quality products in a highly demanding competitive PPE market with precision and quick delivery to accommodate our client’s very important needs.

With over 50 years combined expertise in international business, healthcare, banking, logistics, IT and e-commerce amongst many other skills, talents and experience, our reliable JoyZone Team consists of dedicated quality professionals servicing our customers with a 5 STAR world-class focus. 

The global healthcare industry is heavily regulated so we at JoyZone PPE LLC strive to be compliant with the highest medical standards such as the FDA, CDC, CE and Health Canada approved.  We strongly believe improving patient, frontline healthcare worker and employee safety is paramount so we are genuinely committed to provide quality regulated products that each end-user can reliably depend on to keep them securely protected from any dangerous elements, situations and/or circumstances.

Having such a diverse clientele base within the Personal Protective Equipment market, JoyZone PPE LLC stocks, drop-ships and distributes many various types of PPE and healthcare products available on the current market today making these products available globally to our highly valued customers with same day shipping and financing options for our qualified corporate customers.

The JoyZone Team is strategically ready to enter a long-term business relationship with you and/or your company for a mutually beneficial future while developing our growth, fulfilling our needs and servicing all people around the globe together.  By having strong support mechanisms, ample expertise and highly qualified management, technical and logistics experts, JoyZone PPE LLC has a diversified capacity for small, medium and large scale business clients in order to meet their Personal Protective Equipment requirements efficiently and effectively.

We authentically do our absolute best to fulfill our civic duty in containing pandemics,  preventing rapidly infectious diseases from spreading and keeping each other and our loved ones safe by providing PPE whenever and wherever needed to whomever needs it.  Thank you for your business and believing in JoyZone PPE LLC to service your healthcare product requirements with a passion to exceed your expectations.


JoyZone PPE LLC - CEO / Founder - James Erdt

As the CEO/Founder of JoyZone PPE LLC which services frontline hospital workers, health care practitioners, medical supply distributors, small/medium/large businesses and even the public end user, with both retail and wholesale solutions, James Erdt is very passionate about contributing significantly to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic support efforts on a global scale with Personal Protective Equipment.

James Erdt is a sought-after speaker, award winning author, success coach and philanthropist plus the public TV Host of  ‘The DYNAMO Show’.  He has been featured on Rogers TV, CBC, CBS, BT, City TV, Muchmusic and in the Toronto Star, Mississauga News as well as numerous fitness magazines and websites.  James is the ‘Chief Architect of WOW’ for DYNAMO Entrepreneur, which is an innovative, socially responsible organization, dedicated to guiding people of all ages, predominantly visionaries, thought-leaders and game-changers. 

By creating leading edge products, popular social networks and engaging events, he consistently strives to better people and inclusively enhance the world for all.  Paying it forward, James is the CHAIR of the REVIVER Rejuvenation Ranch for at-risk youth supporting teens, to make positive and proactive decisions to live healthier, safer and better lives especially for those who have lost their way. 

“Sustainably empowering people, prosperity and planet!”

Email: james@joyzone.com
Phone: +1 (647) 205-7827

NOTE: Due to 99% of the PPE Industry communicating on WhatsApp, it is quickest to communicate with me via text there. Please share your contact info/file so I know who I'm speaking to. With the massive recent demand in COVID-19 supplies globally, longer response times may occur so please be patient as I do value connecting with you at my earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.  



JoyZone PPE LLC - VP Business Development - Derek Thiess

(Founder Mystinfield Group -Joyzone PPE LLC Parent Company)

Throughout his career, Derek Thiess has been credited as a pioneer of many sectors, companies and of his desire to be innovative in all he does, providing leading edge and quality products, world-class customer service, high returns for his shareholders, investors and customers. Central to the long-term strategy for The Mystinfield Group (Umbrella Company for JoyZone PPE LLC), is the vision to build a forward thinking Group of Companies and projects.

Committed to offering outstanding projects, products and services to customers remains to be the hallmark of The Mystinfield Group’s philosophy. It has led Mystinfield to become the partner of choice for many International brands in the country or entering a country in the internationally market.

In his own words, “The The Mystinfield Group Companies of which JoyZone PPE LLC is one of, were created to serve the greater good of the country so it may become a leader not only in business but a leader in enhancing the lives of those that our Group of Companies touches. Our constant growth has led us to envision ambitious and sustainable goals for the future, which we believe can only be achieved through persistence, continuous, improvement, and determination.

We believe that a key element of our success is our focus on spearheading or partnering in innovative projects and products that leads to our customers satisfaction. To this effect we must never forget that the most valuable assets are the passionate people that work at The

Mystinfield Group and the partners and investors that believe in us. For without their dedication, competence, professional endeavour, entrepreneurship, innovative products, commitment to the people and environments no matter where we work, and the high standards of excellence we all believe in, we would have not been able to accomplish our achievements.

We thank you, our loyal JoyZone PPE LLC customers, our employees, and partners who with us endeavour to be the best in the country and internationally.

Our commitment to you is to continue to invest in the training, resources and the most advanced technology and new processes to continuously improve methods of innovation, production and customer service to further our leading position in the market and enable our companies to continue to offer the most beneficial products and projects in the market today.

To conduct our business along a sustainable way, never forgetting the welfare of our customers, partners and staff, and caring for the wider community, is our firm belief and that it is our ethical duty to do so.

"If we have not touched your life already, we will the future”.

Email: derek@joyzone.com
Phone: +1 (720) 421-8174



JoyZone PPE LLC - VP of Operations - Koko Hunt

Koko grew up on the West Coast of the U.S. and most recently to the beautiful island of Oahu. He spends much of his free time with his son and daughters. Koko is an active servant leader in his community and a sports enthusiast. In addition to watching his children grow, he enjoys golf, fitness, art, music and travel.

Koko Hunt has been in the Insurance & Financial Services industry since 1999. He graduated from Lewis and Clark with a degree in Business and Communication . He had been FINRA & SEC licensed for 20 years.

Previously, Koko created and ran the Financial Services division for a prominent Property/Casualty Insurance Company in Lake Oswego from 2002 to 2013. Koko also co-founded Oswego Wealth Management in 2012, but left in October 2016 to expand and focus primarily on consulting, insurance and Life Planning.

He has taken that experience and now works with Domestic and International clients in Banking, Commodities, Insurance, Cryptocurrency, PPE, Consulting, CBD, and more.. Koko is well respected among his industry peers for developing strong relationships, comprehensive consulting and superior business development.

Email: koko@joyzone.com
Phone: +1 (503) 701-3737



JoyZone PPE LLC - VP Administration - Veronica Jones

Veronica is an international executive with over 2 decades of leadership experience in commodities, investor relations and administration, launching dynamic, disruptive businesses and executive teams worldwide.  Her world-class work in the Health and Wellness industry has given her the aptitude and intelligence to be holistically fit to serve the immediate need of the emergency service industries and "bring Light" to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) initiatives JoyZone PPE has launched.

Veronica is the VP of Administration for JoyZone PPE, engaged in this corporate structure for the execution of building a trusted name in PPE by mobilizing brand ambassadors/affiliates, raising awareness through the JoyZone blog/podcast, managing the JoyZone US Warehouse, facilitating custom, white label PPE products and actively creating more benefits for our clients and healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Veronica brings a platinum rolodex and strategic alliances to serve up vetted lots for our growing network of the JoyZone buyers/sellers online platform. As the Northeast Club President for CEO Space Int'l, she continues to expand her business administration skills

Over the years, Veronica has supported orphanages, youth organizations and Hospice through Holistic Health Initiatives.

"Follow your PPE passion, not the crowd or the greed! We do good by doing good."

Email: veronica@joyzone.com
Phone: +1 (646) 526-2307



JoyZone PPE LLC - USA Sales Manager - Devon Boyd

Devon Boyd served as Executive Vice President of Finance for Millennium Films in 2007, and has since financed over 30 successful feature films that have all turned a profit, securing over $300 million dollars of financing, including a $130 million dollar revolving line of credit at Comerica Bank. Among the films he has financed are: The Expendables, Conan, The Mechanic, Drive Angry, Righteous Kill, Rambo, Brooklyn’s Finest, Trust, Leaves of Grass, Stone, and many others. He is well versed in all aspects of the film business, from development and financing through production and distribution. He specializes in creating film finance structures that maximize return on investment, as well corporate structures, and the streamlining of business operations.

Email: devon@joyzone.com
Phone: +1 (310) 927-3739